ADBlue Removal Can Lead To Higher Profits

There are numerous suggestions available in the market about how to disable the diesel exhaust fuel in your vehicle. But there’s very little available to guide people about what to choose and what to avoid. The uncertainty results in people getting confused leading to mistakes and overspending. One question that bothers most people is how the can benefit by removing ADBlue? But before we proceed any further in that matter, it is important to know exactly what ADBlue is and what it does.

ADBlue In Detail:

Predominantly a solution comprising of 32.5% pure urea and 67.5% de-ionised water, ADBlue helps to reduce the nitrogen dioxide emissions from the exhaust system. ADBlue works in combination with SCR technology to achieve the reduction in emissions. But there have been numerous reports of people being dissatisfied due to the high costs involved in using ADBlue along with an SCR unit. Pollution guidelines and regulations have meant that using an SCR unit is somewhat mandatory. The technology though still has a lot of room for improvement in order to become a more feasible option for the users and be more convenient. Most of the users opt for the removal of ADBlue as it has numerous advantages.

The most defining factor is the added cost that the use of ADBlue and an SCR unit inflicts on an end-user. The operating costs of a vehicle can go up drastically due to this making it a major disadvantage for vehicle owners. Heavy commercial vehicles require almost 1.5 litres of ADBlue solution for every 100 kilometres of travel meaning they have to manage with lesser margins.Using an ADBlue solution along with an SCR unit leads to a noticeable change in the overall performance and driving experience and tends to decrease the efficiency of the vehicles. This undesired effect is something most drivers choose to avoid by opting for ADBlue removal.There is a significant increase in the torque levels generated by the engine on removing ADBlue. Heavy trucks and buses which operate with a certain margin, are the ones affected the most with an increase in operating costs.

Maintenance costs tend to be much higher when ADBlue is used in combination with an SCR unit. The combo tends to require near-perfect conditions in order to work properly, which means that any damage needs to be repaired immediately in order to prevent further damage to vehicle performance and efficiency. Such repairs can be quite expensive at times. Although cheaper alternatives are available in the market, users risk losing their warranty if they go for any of the cheaper or diluted options.

Users can opt for cheaper ADBlue emulators which have their own share of pros and cons. The original logic of the vehicle is not tampered with and it is available at a much lesser price. However the emulator may become unstable and its functioning can be affected. It can get stuck at times and show an error sign.

People who own diesel powered vehicles can chose to go ahead with ADBlue removal if they are facing problems due to a rise in operating costs and a decrease in margin, as it will not only enhance the performance of your vehicle but also lead to greater profits. The choice is there to be made.